Sherpa participates in NL-only experts’ auction on CBS Sports (Wed 2/10/10)

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I participated in an 5×5 NL-only experts’ auction hosted by Eric Mack of CBS Sports.  Here’s a list of the participants in the order in which we nominated players:

1. Scott White,
2. Eric Mack,
3. Al Melchior,
4. Mike Gianella, Patton & Co
5. Scott Swanay, Fantasy Baseball Sherpa
6. Erik Siegrist,
7. Marc Normandin, Baseball Prospectus
8. David Gonos,
9. Ben Ice,
10. Mike Kuchera,
11. Charlie Wiegert,
12. Derek VanRiper,

Here’s a link to the results of the auction (7-round reserve draft is currently underway):

Charlie Wiegert is the defending champion in this league - he and Eric Mack both deserve kudos for finishing in the Top 3 each of the past two years (note:  I finished fifth last season in my first year in the league - hoping to improve on that result this season!)

I won’t risk boring you by providing an in-depth analysis of each expert’s purchases or projecting a first-place finish for my team - you can see the details for yourself if you’re interested.  Instead, here are a couple of general observations from our auction:

It’s interesting to see the wide variety of auction strategies the experts used.  Most were willing to spend at $40 or more on at least one player; Charlie Wiegert, Mike Gianella, and I were the only ones who didn’t spend at least $30 on a single player.  Predictably, we were among the last owners to enter the fray, but also among the first owners to finish.

Most experts more or less adhered to the rule of thumb about spending roughly $180 on hitters and $80 on pitchers.  The notable exception was Eric Mack, who assembled the strongest pitching staff, but spent almost $120 to do so.  It will be interesting to see whether this strategy pays off.

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