Guest Blogger Jason Trask: Fantasy Baseball Cafe Mock Draft - Commentary on Rounds 16-18 (Mon. 3/12/12)

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Today we have the sixth installment from guest blogger Jason Trask for a mock (slow) draft he’s participating in with some fellow fantasy enthusiasts from Fantasy Baseball Cafe.  Here are Jason’s thoughts on rounds 16-18 of his draft (we’ll cover subsequent rounds in future posts).


2012 Mock Draft #1:  Rounds 16-18


Round 16


Best Pick

  • Bud Norris 16.14 Yes, the best pick was the last pick. Norris has potential to bring elite level K’s, but of course for the Astros. The NL Central is significantly weaker (and will be even weaker if Prince signs elsewhere). 10 wins is a possibility and with 175+ K’s and an ERA under 4. This could be a steal of a pick.


Worst Pick

  • Mike Adams 16.07 The third RP taken at this draft position and he’s not a closer. Granted after drafting Marmol and Chapman, I might be looking for another fallback myself but not this early.


My Pick

  • Ryan Dempster 16.02 Almost made “worst” pick status for the round as soon as I made it. I decided to partner him with Buchholz and hope for a combination of 30 wins, 350 K’s with a combined ERA around 4.00. The key word in the last sentence of course is hope.


Notable Picks

  • Zack Cozart 16.01, Ryan Roberts 16.04, Matt Joyce 16.06, Justin Morneau 16.12


Round 17


Best Pick

  • Gaby Sanchez 17.08 Gaby ran out of gas last year and will have plenty of table setting opportunities with Reyes now in the lineup. The new Miami stadium is being predicted to be a better hitters’ park so all signs are pointing upward. Won’t be confused with the elite first basemen, but possibly could sneak onto an All Star team.


Worst Pick

  • Chris Heisey 17.11 After the Ryan Ludwick signing, and Bruce/Stubbs already locking into the lineup, I don’t see Heisey making much of an impact. There are still a lot of guys with full time jobs on the board, and I don’t see Heisey wedging himself into that OF regularly.


My Pick

  • Francisco Cordero 17.13 Another nominee for “worst” pick status as shortly after this pick, Cordero was grabbed by TOR to set up Sergio Santos. John Farrell played hot potato with the closer role last year, so Cordero could see some sporadic chances to close. That being said, Santos would have to falter pretty hard to lose his job.


Notable Picks

  • Jason Kubel 17.01, Grady Sizemore 17.03, Chad Billingsley 17.04, Chris Sale 17.05


Round 18


Just a note before I get to the recap. At this point in the draft, Victor Martinez was still healthy. Prince Fielders’ destination was unknown, and we still don’t know who’s going to the Super Bowl. The previous round recaps reflected early thoughts and attitudes, for now I’m only going to highlight my own picks with a few sprinkles of each round included.


My Pick

  • John Mayberry 18.02 Remember Jayson Werth before he signed with the Nationals? Yeah, I think Mayberry is capable, but with even more athleticism (translation: steals). He’s got the pedigree, and that’s hard to ignore. For some reason, he’s in competition with Laynce Nix, Domonic Brown, and Ty Wigginton (really?) for OF playing time. Mayberry’s got the upside here.


Round Notes

  • John Danks/Gavin Floyd go back to back in this round. White Sox fans better hope they can make a jump because it’s going to hard to replace Buehrle’s innings.
  • Brennan Boesch getting picked here seems like a great move. At the time, Prince Fielder wasn’t a Tiger. Now? How would you feel about hitting in front of Miggy/Prince this year?
  • Alex Presley being taken at the end of the round caused some grumbles. He’s got the “sneaky sleeper” thing going for him. I expect his stock to rise, but he’s on the Pirates so don’t expect too much attention.



 If you’re interested in seeing the entire draft, check out the Google doc

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