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In-season Updates to Player Projections & Rankings - $24.95
(product description)

What this product does

The In-season Updates to Player Projections & Rankings tool produces sets of season-to-date results and remainder-of-season forecasts that are customized to your league’s requirements!

Why you need it

No matter how strong a team you assembled on Draft Day, as a fantasy baseball team owner you’ll be forced to make a never-ending series of decisions throughout the course of the season.  These decisions will be the result of injuries, role changes, minor league call-ups, and a host of other factors.  You’ll often need to act quickly or be faced with losing out on an opportunity to improve your team.

How should you go about making these decisions?  You need an objective, data-driven system that takes into account all of the characteristics of your league (e.g. – type of league, scoring system, roster requirements) and reflects factors such as injuries, role changes, and minor-league call-ups.  You need to see all eligible players ranked both on the basis of what they’ve already done during the current season and what they are expected to do for the remainder of the season.  Most importantly, you need this information kept up-to-date and presented in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use format.  While your competitors are guessing which players to drop, keep, trade for, or pick up, you’ll know!

  • You answer questions about your league’s characteristics:
    • Eligible players (NL+AL, NL only, AL only)
    • Roster requirements by position
    • Scoring categories (see Other Considerations for category list)
  • We take your answers to these questions and rank all eligible players based on both what they’ve done so far (season-to-date results) and what they’re expected to do for the rest of the year (remainder-of-season forecasts).  Each player is given a score ranging from 0 to 1 in each scoring category used in your league.  The player’s total score will be the sum of the individual category scores.
  • You decide which results you want to see
    • All pitchers and hitters in one list.
    • All pitchers and all hitters in separate lists.
    • All hitters at a specific position.
    • All pitchers in a specific category (Starting Pitchers, Middle Relievers, Closers)
  • You decide how you want to receive the results
    • PDF file
    • Excel spreadsheet