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Position Scarcity - description

What it is

Simply put, position scarcity deals with the drop-off in projected fantasy points among players at each position.

How it’s determined

For each position the projected fantasy points of the highest-rated players are compared to the projected fantasy points for the lower-rated players.  The greater the difference, the higher the degree of position scarcity is.  Catcher and Second Base are among the positions with the greatest drop-off; First Base, Outfield, and Starting Pitcher are among the positions with the least drop-off.

Why it matters

Position scarcity is a factor in every fantasy baseball draft or auction, whether league participants realize it or not.  When does it make sense to reach for a Catcher or Closer, even though higher-rated players are still available at other positions?  When should you join a “run” on a given position, and when should you ignore it and focus on other needs?  Having a player ranking system that includes position scarcity allows you to answer these questions quickly and accurately!

How you can use it to your advantage

Position scarcity can be objectively quantified.  The Fantasy Baseball Sherpa Preseason Player Projections & Rankings tool assigns a Position Scarcity Index to every player eligible in your league.  The hardest-to-replace player in your league (not necessarily the same as the player with the highest projected fantasy point total!) is assigned a Position Scarcity Index of 1.00.  The easier a player is to replace, the lower his Position Scarcity Index will be!  Use this information to head into the season with your best possible team!

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