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Preseason Player Projections & Rankings - $29.95
(product description)

What this product does

The Preseason Player Projections & Rankings tool produces a set of player projections and rankings that are customized to your league's requirements!

Why you need it

The key to a successful fantasy baseball season is to select the best possible team at the beginning of the season. A good set of preseason projected players' statistics is essential, and there are many good sources available for this information.

However, projected players' statistics are merely a good starting point, not the final answer. You need an objective, data-driven system that takes into account all the characteristics of your league (e.g.- type of league, #teams, scoring system, roster requirements), then ranks all eligible players for you in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use format. This tool will give you the edge over your competitors before a single regular-season pitch is thrown!

How it works
  • You answer questions about your league's characteristics:
    • Eligible players (NL+AL, NL only, AL only)
    • # Teams (minimum = 6; maximum = 16)
    • Roster size (maximum = 30)
    • Roster requirements by position
    • Scoring categories (see Other Considerations for category list)
    • Type of league (e.g.- pure draft, auction with salary cap)
    • Keepers (maximum of 5 per team)
  • We take your answers to these questions and rank all eligible players. Each player is given a score ranging from 0 to 1 in each scoring category used in your league. The player's total score will be the sum of the individual category scores.
  • You decide whether to adjust player rankings for Position Scarcity (highly recommended!)
  • You decide which results you want to see
    • All pitchers and hitters in one list.
    • All pitchers and all hitters in separate lists.
    • All hitters at a specific position.
    • All pitchers in a specific category (Starting Pitchers, Middle Relievers, Closers)
  • You decide how you want to receive the results
    • PDF file
    • Excel spreadsheet